Let Abaxoth Drop Some Unique Items in PoE

  • Abaxoth, the End of All That Is for my opinion is similar to Chayula boss (realy rare to have Chayula breach open) , but kind of much stronger because it does not have arena, it can roam on map, can be ghosted etc. but it would be nice to make something worth hunting him, after all, if somebody is farming exp in 5/7 times people will skip Abaxoth, maybe give him to have 100% chance to drop unique item with iiq? (Bisco's Collar, Sadima's Touch?) or maybe somebody have bether idea. All together it have great potencial to have him drop something good, dont waste "the End of All That Is" with 0 good drops ;)

    That I agree with (seriously I don't know what possessed them to keep all the various damage types and resists from TQ, its a complete clusterfuck). Perhaps I should have been more specific, I meant droprate. Drops in GD are heavily weighed in favor of killing heroes and bosses (and big chests), you will almost never find anything valuable from regular mobs.

    In PoE for the most part its the other way around (or rather bosses are not much more rewarding than trash mobs), which is a major reason for the speed clear meta. Most of the higher PoE Currency is gained from killing bosses and such, instead of running a large quantity of maps and hoping for an exalt to drop from one of the white shit mobs or a barrel. There should be more of a reward to killing the map boss.

    But leech is the primary means of facerolling the game anyway, it just won't faceroll as hard on certain mobs which is mostly a non-issue anyway since I don't think SoT is particularly good to run anymore.

    IMO there isn't really any psuedo-challenge to that itemization. It's an upgraded version of PoE, you always resist cap everything or you get insta-gibbed in the endgame, its a complete no-brainer. Except GD forces you to juggle more since good rares have to be self found which is nearly impossible, so you essentially have to use a certain mix of legendaries to cap everything.

    But then again I take issue with a lot of things in GD. Its such a slow paced and boring meta there, after 1-2 months of PoE it can be a nice change of pace but I'm bored within 1-2 weeks, read more