POE-Sniper, An Indexing Tool Working on for The Last 6 months

  • In the forum, someone introduced POE-sniper, an indexing tool he have been working on for the last 6 months.


    The tool starts by fetching the last change_id using either the poe.ninja or poe-rates.com API. Chunks are then downloaded from the Path of Exile API with gzip compression into memory. Each item in the chunk is compared to the filters created by the user and, should it match the criteria, displayed in the tool. The following is a discussion of the use of indexing tools in the forums.


    1) Please bear in mind that if a lot of people use tools like this, it's going to cause massive load on our servers. Our only option would be to do things like adding caching (slowing everyone's trade data down) or whitelisting just approved community websites. We certainly prefer people to use more centralised sites because we can't support vast quantities of people consuming the trade API simultaneously.


    2) "Please bear in mind that if a lot of people use tools like this" I'm not sure if it is your intention, but this post basically says "Please allow only a select few to exploit the extremely lucrative gains of sniping and reselling so as to avoid overloading our servers." Which is a ludicrous position for you to be taking.

    Honestly, save us from hammering your servers in order to be on a level playing field by just implementing whatever solution you would after we do so.

    I wouldn't have used this normally, but I feel like it is the general community's best interest to overuse it just to force your hand so that the majority aren't begging for scraps while some select few are living like kings.


    3) In case you guys missed the point thar the creator of this tool is deliberately democratising sniper tools to 1) erode the advantage people with personal systems have and 2) force GGG's hand to address this inequality.

    That latter point I am unsure how but perhaps they'll throttle requests for non-official tools or recognised sites (slippery slope.)


    4) I'm of two minds on this.
    First, if they want to make it public and just let the community use it because they are too lazy to implement their own system in game or adjust how the API works, then they are kinda asking for it. If I'm searching for 5 link belly of the beast RRRGB in Abyss league, there's no reason I need to know the price and stats of every rare ring in standard.

    On the other hand, things would be very shitty if we had to go back to the poe forums for trading.

    Ideally a bunch of people using something like this would give them a big enough kick in the nuts to where they adjust the api to not index literally every item in a public stash tab constantly, and just filter your searches. Worst case scenario is you just have to use their trade website and they remove the public api.


    These are some people's point of view, if you want to know about more,you can log in Gm2v.