Most People Look Forward to The Path of Exile

  • Path of Exile makes me giddy like a little kid. I think it's game launches in general, but I get excited as fuck when that clock is ticking down. When there is about 15 minutes until launch I run through a checklist in my head and get fidgety as fuck.



    Mass retention definitely drops once people have saturated end-game. The 3.0 was geared toward leveling and story progression but expansions like this dealing heavily with end-game will keep people around. Completely changed up Atlas, new maps/bosses, Elder vs Shaper control and new Elder guardians are definitely going to make map farming a whole new thing. The xp/hr balance could very well shake off the "farm 4 shaped maps" a thing of the past too. If they make every map on this huge new atlas worth running as well as some added boss rewards people are sticking around for a long time.


    I found it most enjoyable to play with friends.

    I can highly recommend asking around discord and looking for a good guild. Eventually you'll connect to some people with common interests (humour, hobbies, wits, not just PoE).


    Try to find people, who're willing to play with a team-first attitude and share your time zones/availability and interests. You don't need to look for crazy-elitist guilds, it's more about connecting with people and having fun, than anything else (it's "just" a game in the end).


    My experiences with group play:
    We share all PoE Exalted Orbs, have exact plans about "who needs what" (typically boosting the support first and then trying to upgrade the weakest link in the chain), have common goals etc. We also try to distribute tasks (I'm usually the map roller and price costly rares, a friend does currency conversions, someone else takes care of divination card/essences sales etc).


    Those guys have become close friends over the past years. They also help me with some dev-work and we have some new projects in mind.


    We also enjoyed playing "teamfound" (no trading outside the initial group) very enjoyable. We're also really looking forward to 3.1.


    I wish the events were slightly longer so I could have played it more leisurely, but the mayhem mods made it so much fun I honestly don't know that I will even find the regular game exciting anymore. It is a similar feeling to playing on the D3 PTR with 20x legendary drop rate


    I've already prepared bunch of redbulls and beer for this Friday. I love PoE, I'm so hyped.