Path of Exile's An Update to the Volatile Dead Helmet Enchantme

  • GGG have a small patch planned for tomorrow that includes bug fixes and some new microtransactions. This patch also includes a fix regarding a bug with the Volatile Dead Helmet Enchantment values that they wanted to communicate as early as possible. Let's see some people opinions in the fourm.


    1) Oh thank god I almost dropped the money for the +3 and was going to in about an hour after I got off work. It'll still be super strong with only the +1 but I would have been super salty if I dropped all that PoE currency for something getting changed.


    2) I thought they only did mid season nerfs for actual broken mechanics not balance adjustments? My problem with this is the precedence this sets. I just want a guarantee this is the only mid season nerf. I'm about to spend a week's worth of chaos to build a poet's pen or lightpoacher build, and the next week leveling a character to use it. If I end up getting all my work nerfed into the ground because of a reddit post tomorrow that'll be the end of my buying supporter packs from this company.


    3) Leaving the enchant for the Eternal lab is a good one. But to say that something created with these values "... it had a value we never intended it to have" bug is a little too much. Not that I play of VD, however that must have left several people who paid for the helmets with the enchant or had changed / spent time to get irrated.


    Now a question: Why not also change all enchants from +2 barrage to +1? It fits the same description of these posts and however, stayed in the Standard the way it was.

    4) I mean, Rory talked about there being uber lab enchants only for the new skills. I think he was talking specifically about Cremation at the time but it stands to reason that Volatile Dead was meant to follow the same format and that this is indeed a bug.
    At least they're being consistent, not really nerfing something midleague because it's just OP, but they will bug fix something. Also you contradict yourself in your statements: can't you just say "we fucked up and released a helm enchant that was too strong/not intended to be in the game".


    What do you think about an update to the volatile dead Helmet enchantment? Thanks for reading and be sure to have a look at U4gm where you can buy POE currency xbox and save yourself some serious money!