FIFA 16: comes to high pressure

  • People don't really know what they are talking about on here when it comes to high pressure. You can't just select high pressure and expect your players to do all the work for you. All it does it move your players higher up the field and make them more aggressive. To play high pressure you need to combine constant switching of players using the right stick and using second man press, you have to be able to read and predict plays and respond quickly. This is why so many bad players use high pressure tactics and get destroyed as they just double press, run players out of position and leave gaps.

    fut16coin think as always it's something that more hardcore players will experience more than casual players. I'm with you; I don't see a difference at all, but I play very casually. I'm in division 7 for FUT and only play a few games a day. The people who are really complaining about the tactic probably play 10+ a day and are in higher divisions. That's my theory anyway.

    High pressure can be a bitch BUT I never have trouble passing around when the opponent is pressing with 4 players. Its outrageous to say its impossible. On an 11v11 situation if a guy is pressing you with 4 player simultaneously then there will 100% a shit ton of space out wide or further down the pitch. I've been playing UT since 13 and have won division 1 on many different occasions on 13 14 15. I just feel like this is just another thing people can start bitching about the second they start losing. This kind of tactic has been in all the previous FIFAs. I personally have never messed with custom tactics ever in this game and always use the possession tactic under the D-pad options with cheap fifa coins. (perhaps that helps quite a bit since players will come short to the ball)

    Its a legitimate tactic which takes advantage of the fact that most players have absolutely zero composure under pressure or when dealing with frustration. It is obviously irritating, thats the point, however if you breathe, look around, and pick your passes and dont do anything dumb (like getting pressed and passing to your cb and trying to outrun the opposing striker), you'll notice the high pressure tactic absolutely destroys defensive stability and massive holes will begin to appear

    Its overpowered because its hard to deal with, so is well done build up play, should we all stop doing that too because its somehow "too effective"? Its not hard to beat someone playing high pressure on FIFA 16 Points, but instead of see whats gone wrong and adapt, they just beg EA to make pace and stamina more realistic, even though EA's done an incredible job at it this fifa. People just dont like losing to a tatic they struggle against so they resort to just calling those who beat them with it cunts and claim they "ruin the game" when in reality, they're salty and cba to put in the work to adapt