FIFA 16 transfer market: search and search and search

  • contracts do suck, but just set your "maximum buy now price" at about 550 coins. then search and search and search. you will find gold packs eventually. buy FIFA 16 Points one by one or as many as you can afford to build a cushion.

    here's the thing -- there are certain aspects of the game that you will never have access to unless you buy packs and fifa points, etc. but there is nothing at that level of the game that is worth spending a penny, let alone hundreds of dollars.

    the team you can build out of silvers and low level gold players will compete with anything anyone else puts up with messi and ronaldo etc.

    also remember that name brand famous players are way more expensive than they are worth. there are 82s and 83s out there for under 1,000 coins. you just have to be creative.

    I've ever played with was a silver Japanese team that i built on fifa 14 for less than 5000 coins. The amount of time I would have to put in sniping contracts isn't worth the reward either. Why are you lecturing everyone in this thread on how to spend their fifa coins anyway? If people like blowing loads of money on packs, let em. I'm sure you've got a hobby that you spend big amounts of money on, occasionally.

    Not only does EA get away with just patching their existing game SO LITTLE like just tweaking the game speed, AI and the UI (with basic color changes) and then charge you €60 every year, you guys also throw huge money at the monitor for RNG packs.