They can't play FIFA 16

  • To anyone saying they cannot play FIFA 16, it gets better as you keep playing, trust me.

    A few pieces of advice:
    Only pass the ball to someone if you know they are open, don't blindly pass and hope it works out

    In this game you have to face the person you are passing to or else the pass will not be accurate whatsoever

    Get cb's with at least 80 defending. Early in the game fut16coin didn't want to spend a lot, so I got some 70 paced cb's with lower defending. Pace does not matter as much, so a defender with lower pace and higher defending is better than a defender with higher pace and lower defending.

    Higher rated goalies make a big difference this year. I had 78 rated goalkeepers and I would concede the dumbest goals to lose, now I have bravo and rarely, if ever, concede bad goals.

    Expect a lot of interceptions in the midfield. A lot of my goals come from interceptions in the midfield and quick short through balls to the goal.
    Hopefully this helps a few of you who are struggling in this years FIFA. Keep playing and it will be easier.

    Passing is HUGE in this fifa, as it should be. Fifa in the past has let us get away with tapping A/X and just knowing the game will find someone for us, even if we don't see it. Breaking that habit of passing without looking is hard, but once you do, it makes for a much more realistic game.

    I've personally noticed this is especially true when passing the ball out of my defense with fifa coins. Instead of just tapping pass and knowing you'll find one of your strikers, you actually have to find someone and build up play in this FIFA, which is a welcome change for me.